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How to get permanent residency in Canada?

Canada is a perfect destination for those who are looking for better infrastructure, profitable job opportunities, better educational facilities, good standard of living, and more. Most of the immigrants want to become Permanent residency for Canada. But remember one thing permanent residency (PR) is quite different than Canadian citizenship. With Canada PR, you will remain the citizen of your origin country, but you will enjoy all the social facilities that every Canadian enjoys. However, the question is how to get permanent residency in Canada? Let’s know about the process.

What is Canada PR visa and how to get permanent residency in Canada?

A person who holds a visa for Permanent residency for Canada is one who is not a Canadian Citizen, but he/she can enjoy the Permanent Resident Status. Those who are staying in Canada for a temporary period will not be treated as permanent residents. When you get the status, you will receive the PR Card, which will be work as proof.

What are the major benefits that you can enjoy with Canada PR status?

  • You can legally live, work, and study in Canada. No one will stop you from that.
  • You are free to apply for getting Canadian Citizenship status.
  • You will enjoy all the social benefits which are available for the Canadian Citizens with Permanent residency for Canada.
  • All the rights will be protected under Canadian Law.

Wondering how to get permanent residency in Canada? Before that, take a look at the important documents that you will need.

What are the critical documents that you will need to apply for permanent residency?

  • A proof which can show that you can support the application.
  • Educational Credential Assessment report.
  • Certificates of your educational qualifications.
  • Skill assessment exam report.
  • Report on your language test and more.

Now, let’s know how to get permanent residency in Canada and what are the programs available for it.

How to obtain permanent residency and enjoy all the facilities?

Canada offers different channels to get Permanent residency for Canada. These are:

  1. Through Express Entry

If you are looking for how to get permanent residency in Canada, then consider applying for express entry program. This is one of the most popular ways to move into Canada. It is a program initiated by the Canadian government to attract skilled people in Canada. It involves three major immigration programs; these are:

  • Federal Skilled Trades Program.
  • Federal Skilled Worker Program.
  • Canadian Experience Class.
  1. Provincial Nominee

Another popular method for getting the Canada PR is through a provincial nominee. This program is specially designed for people who don’t have enough score to qualify the express entry.

  1. Family sponsorship

Those who are already living in Canada can sponsor their family members and relatives to immigrate Canada.

  1. Quebec- chosen a skilled worker

This immigration program is carried out by Quebec. This is for people who want to stay in Quebec.

These are some of the best ways to get Canada PR.

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